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Montgomery, Texas home inspection
At Town and Country, we offer a new concept in home inspection. We begin by spending hours on site performing a comprehensive examination of the home and it's components. We collect information, not only about the defects and deficiencies, but also about several important features of the home such as the locations of meters, panels, disconnects and reset switches. We record model and serial numbers of installed appliances. At the end of the inspection, we review that information with you and answer any questions you may have. Then we follow up with a written inspection report that is superior to nearly all of our competitors reports and include a customized Home Owner's Manual referencing the specific components and details of your specific home.

Thereís usually some information in the report that youíll want to pass along to your real estate agent or the seller. If you canít read or understand the written report, how can you explain itís findings to someone else?

Writing inspection reports is one of the hardest things for an inspector because we have to take complex technical issues and make them easy to understand for our clients and their realtors.

You will NOT receive a hand written report full of scribbling from Town and Country Home Inspection. Each report is composed using state-of-the-art software. Your report is written in clear, understandable language that doesnít require a degree in engineering to understand. You wonít have to hunt through pages of generic text and disclaimers to find the specific concerns about your home.

I wonít keep you waiting. 99.9% of the time my report is finished within 24 hours of the inspection. At that time, Iíll provide you with a link where you can retrieve it from a website (see below). Donít worry, itís password protected so even if someone else finds it, they wonít be able to read the report without your permission. If that method of delivery doesnít work for you, weíll make the arrangements that will get the report in your hands as fast as possible. Iíll send a copy to your agent as well, so they can review it with you. Itís a good idea to discuss the report with your agent. They see a lot of these reports, and they can help you decide which items you may want to take back to the negotiating table.

Along with each report you will receive a detailed home ownerís manual that is designed specifically for your new home. Items included in this will be things like manufactures, model numbers, serial number of the appliances and mechanical systems installed in the home (as long as a makers tag is visible). Since this information is already taken down you can also expect a Recall Chek report the next day. For more information on the Recall Chek see specialized services page. I can assure you that as a home inspection company we WILL go above and beyond what other can offer.

Before you buy in TOWN or in the COUNTRY let us INSPECT it for you.

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